Monitoring Specification

Energy flows require data – without data on generation, consumption, comfort levels, times of use, etc., decisions cannot be made, buildings cannot be understood and relationships between suppliers and consumers cannot be built.  

Robust data collection requires a robust monitoring specification, with metered and sub-metered data appropriately and accurately allocated from a source to a destination.  Once collected, the data needs to be reliable and relatable, allowing data from multiple sources to be compared adequately. 

The Active Building Centre Research Programme is leading on open-source data monitoring specifications for system- and sensor-agnostic networks to enable the safe establishment of a robust dataset of information critical for running and maintaining our buildings.  

To date, we have developed a scalable, secure IoT cloud platform and messaging infrastructure for consumption and storage of building data. Additionally, we are collaborating with industry partners to produce specifications for system connectivity, and naming standards for the collection of consistent, queryable data.

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