Biophilic Living

Biophilic Living, Swansea is a mixed-use living building planned for Swansea City Centre, which will be undertaken by Hacer Developments, along with Pobl as the residential partner, and funded via the Welsh Government Innovative Housing Programme. The building will incorporate 50 residential apartments, retail and commercial space across a new 13-storey tower and adaptation of an existing retail space. The residential units will be managed by Registered Social Landlord (RSL), Pobl Group.

Biophilic principles emphasise a connection to nature, which will be central to this urban regeneration. Community cohesion is also a fundamental concern, with plans for residents to be involved in running an on-site urban farm as a social enterprise. The site will utilise an aquaponics system and have shared outdoor space (such as allotments, courtyards and a bee keeping area) as well as private balconies and gardens. Making links between its biophilic design and residents health and wellbeing, the development aims to achieve WELL Certification.

The WELL Building Standard places priority on social sustainability that can foster a ’culture of health and wellness’ by focusing on 10 interconnected concepts: air, water, light, thermal comfort, acoustics, materials, movement, community, nourishment, and mind. To achieve this, these concepts are considered during the design, construction, and occupation of the building.

The building will have rooftop solar panels, air source heat pumps, energy efficient building design (structure and fabrics), thermal and air quality sensors, shower heat recovery units, mechanical ventilation heat recovery, and electric bike and scooter charging points. It will also house a central battery and thermal storage systems that will aid the management of the building’s energy production and consumption whilst meeting occupant thermal comfort. The building will be designed to facilitate sustainable transport, with the inclusion of electric bike/scooter charging points and bicycle cleaning facilities fed by captured rainfall.

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