About Us

Funded by the EPSRC as part of the UKRI Transforming Construction Challenge, the Active Building Centre Research Programme is delivering an evidence-based transformation of the UK’s built environment. 

Led by the team at Swansea University, the research programme brings together ten leading universities, businesses and service providers to develop and test innovative technologies and ideas that will ensure buildings of all scale contribute to a more stable power grid.

The Active Building concept aims to seamlessly integrate net-zero carbon buildings within the wider energy infrastructure resulting in better performing buildings and grid services.

Our collaborative research framework is delivering valuable insight into novel heat storage, data gathering and analytics, building design and optimisation, software development and human interfacing, social science and wellbeing.

Active Building Centre Research Programme activities are focused on enabling the construction industry to transform into a net zero emissions building sector within the next 30 years.

Active Building Centre Research Programme’s primary objectives are to:

  • Demonstrate the net zero emissions benefits that buildings offer at building and community scales
  • Showcase compact thermal storage solutions that enable effective multi-vector energy optimisation at building, community and national levels 
  • Demonstrate the use of advanced controls and optimisation processes for end-use energy reduction and optimisation of energy generation and storage to meet power grid requirements
  • Understand and define the net zero emissions role buildings can take as energy agents at national infrastructure scale
  • Apply these advances to the retrofit challenge.

The Consortium