Socioeconomics & User Engagement

The Active Building Centre Research Programme wants to determine the social well-being benefits from living in a low emissions home, including the behaviours and daily practices of residents in existing homes and the associated behaviour changes, adaptations and motivations behind moving to a low emission home. The team has developed a well-being assessment framework to capture potential social, well-being, financial and health improvements. 

We aim to understand the ways in which low carbon buildings modify energy behaviours and practices, and both quantify and qualify any potential occupant benefits, whether financial, social, or both, with an emphasis on changes over time. 

These studies will build a fundamental understanding of the ways that different people and communities will use and interact with new technologies and energy systems embedded within low emissions homes.

Data collection and analysis will involve review work, prospective interviews and ongoing case studies using multi-scale, narrative methodologies. A key focus will be to understand  whether the ‘social acceptance of buildings’ needs to be rethought, taking full account of governance, equity and energy justice issues.

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