Resident Engagement

Dr Deborah Morgan and Dr Carol Maddock, researchers in the Centre for Innovative Ageing at Swansea University are exploring whether living in a new low carbon home brings health, social and financial well-being benefits.

The Centre for Innovative Ageing is examining the impact of low and zero buildings on older people and the impact of retrofitting carbon reduction measures into the home. We aim to understand older people’s motives and the decision-making processes around moving to low carbon homes, or installing decarbonisation technologies. We aim to understand how the building environments can influence and modify people’s energy behaviours and their day to day practices. We are also exploring how socially acceptable active and low carbon buildings and technologies are to older people.

The Active Building Centre Research Programme has established a Healthy Aging expert advisory group and carried out studies on health, fuel poverty, social and wellbeing benefits to complement academic research activities.